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Gaining Apprenticeships in the Jewellery Manufacturing industry can be daunting, however the Jewellery Training Council is here to help!


Indentured apprenticeships are the traditional way to enter this industry. This is the process of being employed by a Manufacturing Jeweller who then trains you in the skills he requires you to have within his/ her workshop. Usually a four year commitment.

Training can be delivered either On The Job or via block release from the workshop. On The Job training is preferred by most participants.


Non-Indentured apprenticeship is becoming an industry choice. It allows individuals to train for a trade without the requirement of an employer. This process is good and shows a pro-active attitude to prospective employers.


If you are an employer seeking to employ an apprentice then the process is quite simple and there are plenty of people here to help.

As well as increasing staff performance and job satisfaction, there is also a range of financial incentives available from the Australian Government when you employ an eligible Australian Apprentice.

  • $4,000* per apprentice or trainee in Standard Incentives, plus potentially
  • $4,000* per 25 years or older apprentice undertaking a Certificate III or IV, plus potentially
  • $3,000* per apprentice undertaking Certificate II in Declared Drought Areas, plus potentially
  • $1,500* per 45 years or older apprentice, plus potentially
  • $1,500* per Australian School-based Apprentice, plus potentially
  • $1,000* per apprentice undertaking a Certificate III or IV in a Rural or Regional area

MEGT is a company that will assist you through the whole process.

Business SA is also often used by employers to assist them in engaging and apprentice.

Each state will have the equivalent, MEGT is a national company, whilst Business SA specialises in South Australian apprenticeships.

Employing an Apprentice can seem daunting to some, however with the process is quite quick and painless.

Step One: Become a Registered Employer

The Booklet

The Forms

Simply follow this link and get signed up!

Step Two: Contact an industry facilitator

MEGT have the know-how to help businesses just like yours get the most from the Australian Apprenticeships programme.

We’re here to ensure you receive the personalised support you need with:

  • Sign up and registration of your apprentice or trainee
  • Assistance with State and Commonwealth Government incentives you may be eligible to receive
  • Access to our free online job board to find the right match for your team
  • Information and advice to help you decide whether an apprentice or trainee is right for your business
  • Help with choosing the right Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to deliver training
  • Easy access to your apprentice and trainee records via our free employer web portal (MAACO)

You can contact MEGT directly:
Sam Robinson
Level 2, 151 South Terrace, Adelaide South Australia
08 8424 3200 or 0488 338 019

Business SA: Jeff Lyon 0419 810 538 or email him directly